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Steven De Lisser
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Sale: 400 & 500 Scale models

Selling the following models. Conditions are as follows - all buyers must live in the GTA or be able to complete transaction in the GTA. I will not ship models. 400 scale models are $20 Canadian each and 500 scale models are $15 Canadian each. All sales are final and cash only. I may take a few days to respond. Thanks for your interest.

Contact - stevendelisser@gmail.com

1:400 Scale
Aerocondor L-188
AeroPeru DC8-63 (hybrid livery)
Alitalia DC-10
American A300 (gray)
Iberia DC10
KLM L-188 (#76)
Lan Chile Cargo 707
Trans Brasil 737-300
Western DC-10

Aurora 400
United Airlines 737-200 (Saul Bass livery)

British Airways 747-400 (Water Dreaming - Australia)
Polar Air Cargo 747-200

Air Bridge 747-8
GOL 737-800 (Smiles)
Iberia A340-600 (nc)
LAN Cargo 767-300
TAM A330-200 (Brasil soccer)

Aeroflot 777-300 (nc)
Aeroflot IL-86
Air Canada Cargo DC8-73
Air Florida 737-200
Air Florida DC-10
AirTran 737-700
Alitalia Cargo MD11
America West 757-200
American 767-200 (oc, Flagship Independence)
American 767-300 (oc)
American A319 (nc)
American ERJ-170 (nc)
American 757-200 (nc)
American 787-8 (nc)
ATA 737-800
BAX Global DC8-71
British Airways 727 3-pack (World tails)
British Airways 737 2-pack (World tails)
Centurion MD11
Champion Air 727
Condor 757-300
Condor 767-300
Continental 737-500
Continental 737-900 (retro)
DHL 727 Adv
DHL 757-200
Delta 737-200 (oc)
Delta 757-300
Delta MD-90 (nc)
Etihad Cargo 747-400 (oc)
Etihad Cargo 747-8 (nc)
GOL 737-800
Frontier A320
Hooters 757
Interjet A320
JetBlue A320 (100 Hundred livery)
Kiwi 727
KLM A330-200 (95 Years)
Miami Air 737-800
Miami Air 737-800
PeoplExpress 737-200
Planet 727
Skybus A319
Southern Air Transport L-100-30
Southwest 737-500 (oc)
TAM 767-300
United 737-500 (blue)
United 747-400 (blue)
United 767-300 (blue)
United 777-200 (blue)
United 787-9
UPS DC8-71 (oc)
UPS 767-300
UPS 747-400
USAirways A319 (Cardinals livery)
USAirways A319 (Eagles livery)
USAirways 737-300
Virign Atlantic 747-400 (with stand, #1419)
Virign Atlantic A340-600
WestJet 737-800

American ATR-42-300
American ATR-72-500 x 2
American CRJ-700 (oc)
American Shorts 360-100
Continental Q400
Continental Express ATR-42
Delta CRJ-900 x 2
Delta CRJ-900 (Comair 30 Years livery)
Northwest BAE-146
Pan Am ATR-42-300
Piedmont Dash 8
United CRJ-700 (blue)
United ERJ-145 (blue)
United Saab-340 (blue)
United BAE-146
USAir BAE-146
USAirways Saab-340

Air Caraibes ERJ-145
Azul ERJ-195 (blue, yellow nose)

1:500 Scale
Herpa AirTran 717 (oc) x 4
Herpa Delta MD-90 (Deltaflot livery) x 8
Herpa Delta Connection CRJ-700 (Deltaflot livery) x 2
Herpa Southwest 737-700 (Florida One livery)
Inflight Delta 767-300 (oc) x 3
Inflight Southwest 737-200 (oc)
Inflight Zip 737-200 (blue)
Starjets Delta 1996 Olympic MD11 (#1027)
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Maurício Leiman
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Damn, there's quite a few that interest me there
Shame you can't ship to the US
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Or even ship within Canada.

Proud to be a; Honorary Aussie

Paresh's Wish List;
Air Pacific DC-10-30 ARRIVED
Air Pacific B767-200/300
Air Pacific B737-200/300/500/700
Canadian Airlines A320 Goose. ARRIVED
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