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How Do I Post Airliners.net and JetPhotos Pictures?
To comply with copyright rules of the respective websites, we have 'shortcuts' to post Airliners.net or JetPhotos.net images on the forum. To post an Airliners image, simply use the button that is in the posting page. Between the [airliners] paramater, put in the Airliners 'photo id'. This number can be found on the search page for the picture, usually over the thumbnail. The same applies to JetPhotos images, except you use the button and put the 'photo id' between the [jet] tags.

The result in both cases, is a thumnail image, which links to the full size picture on their respective sites.


(Please note that this only works for pictures on Airliners.net, and Jetphotos.net)

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